Is Getting a Paid Personal Prophecy Helpful?

Many people have an extremely aversion to paying for a personal prophecy. Some individuals say that the gifts of God are free, just what exactly should a person pay for what a person gets for free? There seems to be some weight to the argument until we see that very gift that comes from God is free and many people minister within the body of Christ and receive a salary, so why should an experienced Prophet not be compensated by us for his gift. Lets understand this.
I have long been a member of free Facebook groups that offer personal prophecies to its members. Actually the group called Personal Prophecy Group on Facebook was originally started by me. The fact of the matter is these groups always have more people requesting prophecies than they have people to do them.
Request Personal Prophecy
Another feature of these groups and people who do the prophecies on them is that usually the people doing to requests aren’t seasoned prophets who’ve been around for twenty years doing prophecies. If you want a seasoned prophet to do an individual prophecy for you, you frequently have to go to a meeting where one is ministering or look up one like Jeremy Lopez online and pay to receive a one off him.
With every gift there comes experience in the gift. This is true of the gift of prophecy. A person can receive the gift of prophecy and prophesy over people right away, but depth and accuracy only include amount of time in the prophetic office. The prophecy that you will get off a seasoned prophet will be a lot more weightier compared to the prophecy you would log off somebody who has only been operating in the gift for a number of years.
I have found that paying for a prophecy from an experienced prophet like Jeremy Lopez has been enormously good for me. I have made major decisions in line with the prophecies that I have covered. I am confident each and every time that I head to Jeremy to get a now word off God.
You also place a lot more value on a prophecy that you have paid for. You tend to place more importance on an individual prophecy you have paid good money for. I’ve had six prophecies off Jeremy and I value all of them. I made the move into offering personal prophecies for a donation based off a prophecy I received from Jeremy and I have already been able to afford to create four books int he last four months from the income I’ve generated from it.