Job Search – How and What to Do to Succeed

Nobody owes you a job. If you desire a good one, you need to get up and go after the job you desire. Invest your time, energy and money (even the little you have- can you estimate how much you spend small, inconsequential things monthly?). Let me add further, most job seekers expect the  search to be easy, simple and quick; and when things are not going that way, they give up, often too soon.

The moral here is that though you may be unemployed, you still have an occupation: to get yourself a job. You will need to put in all you have . To get a good one takes imagination, initiative and focus. It means that you must be committed to implementing the skills you will acquired, attending seminars, reading relevant books. You know what you want, and must be ready to work for it. Are you?

Job Search Fundamentals

The message in the first paragraph is the first of three fundamentals of job search. The No. 2: job-hunting success is directly proportional to the amount of intelligent job-hunting effort. The more you try, the more likely you will find the position you want, and quickly too.

Even if you are a career/job changer, you need to schedule and make time out consistently to pursue your  search. No. 3: successful job-hunting requires a willingness to change tactics. If something is not working, move to another strategy. But do you have a  search strategy? These apply to everybody in the job market.

The first point in your  search is to assess your job search skills. You need to acquire skills in the following areas: skill analysis, job search strategies formulation, career and job goal setting, identifying career achievement, writing winning Resume/C.V and application letter, conducting informational interview, job interview and follow up, job aptitude test etc.

If you don’t have good enough job search skills, then do all you can to acquire them: read books, attend relevant seminars, get help- from friends, family members, mentors, career and job search counselors, professional Resume/C.V writers etc.

Where are the jobs?

I am sure the question floating in your mind is “where are the jobs? You are already on your way to uncovering the job market. The next step is to analyze the job and business environment. There are opportunities in Education/Training, Agriculture, Accounting/Banking/Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Service, Government, Civil-society/Social/Professional organizations, oil/gas, media/publishing sectors of the economy. All you need to do is to develop special interest in specific costco jobs job market/segment that holds promise and potential of a good job for you. (We will discuss a more thorough method of choosing your career in future).

Organize for Job Campaign

Now, get organized for job search. The starting point is skill analysis. Skills are the fundamental basis of job search. Employers are looking for certain skills, and the best jobs are those ones where your skills match the needs of the employer. There are 3 types of skills job specific, self-management and transferable skills. You also need to put together an arsenal of accomplishments. This is for those with fairly long working history, highlighting their career achievements. You need to understand your strength(s), weakness (es), interests, aptitude and potentials. What would you like to do with your life, all your life?

You will now generate a list of potential employers in respect of your chosen job objective. Necessary information may be obtained from friends, relations, consultants, vendors, newspapers, trade journals etc. Once you’ve made your choice, go after them- using conventional and unconventional means.