Wedding Videography

The thing is to identify your approach, spend time getting prepared, pre plan capturing key moments (bride coming up the aisle to join groom at altar, vows, signing register etc).

It is all about the bride and groom. This is the most basic (and most important) tip of all. Keep in mind what they want. Get as many shots of them as you can holding hands at the rehearsal, when they first see each other at the ceremony, walking out together after the vows, the little looks they give each other at the reception, laughing, dancing and enjoying the spotlight. Get other people to talk about them on-camera. Concentrate on getting those once-in-a-lifetime shots. videographer melbourne

Wedding Planner
Wedding video graphing is a challenge, because there is a lot going on and there is a lot of pressure to capture it all perfectly on video. Plan your shoot, shoot your plan. With a wedding video, it is not always possible to have an exact plan. Meet with the bride and groom as far in advance as possible. On the practical side, make sure you know where each part of the wedding will take place. Many couples have their receptions and ceremonies at two different facilities.

Find out about the people they want included in the video, such as relatives and friends from out of town. Will there be any unusual aspects to the ceremony or reception? Ask about the style of the wedding; will it be traditional, religious, low-key, private or one big party? You will find that having as much information as possible ahead of time will influence every aspect of your wedding video, from the types of shots you will plan for, to the overall look and feel in the editing phase. Make sure that you capture everything the bride and groom will expect to see in their wedding video.

If you have two video cameras use both of them to shoot the wedding video. That way you can set one up to capture a wide shot of the bride, groom and officiant, and use the other one to get close ups and reaction shots. By using two cameras you know you will always have the wide shot to cut away to, which will give you more flexibility during editing and shooting.

Every wedding is unique, but there are certain things that are common to most weddings. This wedding video graphing checklist should help you make sure you get the important shots that the bride and groom will expect to see in their wedding video.

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